Zenus is the Grand Architect and creator of all in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. He is commonly referred to by the devout of the Church as the 'Almighty', as he makes his domain in the Palace of the Almighty, which is located in the Realm of the Almighty.

Zenus is constructed of ten parts, or more correctly, monsters.

* Equinox: Zenus' anger at Celestria for stopping him from destroying the humankind (she "stables" him). Could also be Zenus' legs.
* Nemean: Zenus' head.
* Shogum: Zenus' fighting spirit.
* Trauminator: Zenus' decision and thought to destroy the humankind. Hence the allusion to "terminate".
* Elusid: Zenus' mind.
* Sir Sanguinus: Zenus' blood (and consequently, the blood of all humankind.)
* Atlas: Zenus' anger at Celestria for turning into Yggdrasil.
* Hammibal: Zenus' anger because he has been shattered into parts and placed into grottos.
* Fowleye: Zenus' eyes.
* Excalipurr: Zenus' arms.

Being seperated thusly means that Zenus can never die, as when under attack, all he needs to do is summon up his various different parts and he will return. To prevent his parts from ever being destroyed, they are concealed in the form of monsters in the depths of Grottoes.

After creating the mortals of the Protectorate, Zenus soon began to regret doing so due to their inability to keep peace and prosperity. In a rage, Zenus made to destroy his creations - however, his daughter Celestria intervened, insisting that the mortals were only a little bit mislead and capable of redemption. And so to protect the mortals from her father's wrath, Celestria transformed herself into the Yggdrasil Tree and was placed on top of the Observatory, creating the angelic Celestrians to aid her.

Zenus was apparently destroyed by a corrupt Celestrian named Corvus in the Palace of the Almighty, though it is said he will one day return. Though Celestria mentions that Zenus was not in the Realm of the Almighty at the time of the attack.

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