Wormwood Creek

Wormwood creek is a small village in dragon quest ix. it can be sailed to after getting the boat in Bloomingdale, but the Hero is not welcome. Wormwood Creek at first don't like outsiders until the hero shows up. The little village used to be guarded by Aquila's master, Corvus. He was taken away after he recovered from falling out the sky by being hit by the dark dragon Barbarus. The village of Wormwood Creek used to also be the home of Serena and her father. When the hero goes to the hope springs outside of wormwood creek, the spirit of Serena can be met there. The statue of their fallen guardian corvus can still be seen throughout the game as a heap of rocks that you can't read the name on. But, it used to be in the church, where a stone tablet can be seen. Overall, Wormwood Creek is a village that won't sell you anything at first, but wait a while and there is top notch things to buy. Corvus did a good job of watching it :).

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