Wight Knight

The Wight Knight

Once entitled the Right Knight of Brigadoom, the Wight Knight was placed under a spell by the demoness, Morag. When the Observatory came under attack, the resulting earthquake thundering across the Protectorate shook him free of the curse, and he now roams the land seeking his beloved Princess Mona.

His journey brings him to the castle town of Stornway whereupon he mistakes the Princess Simona for his lost bride-to-be and requests her presence at a nearby lake. HRH King Schott, mistrustful of the Knight's intentions, refuses to allow the princess to go despite her feelings on the matter, and is convinced that the whole thing is a ploy to force the King to send his soldiers with the Princess and leave Stornway undefended and open to a siege.

When the Hero hits the scene, the King has posted a quest on the board in the centre of town, offering a generous reward to any who would defeat the Wight Knight. Taking the King up on his offer, the Hero then travels to the northern lake in the Princess' stead and defeats the Knight. As events progress, it becomes plain that the Wight Knight is not as evil as everyone assumes and that his ghastly appearance is the side-effect of the curse.

Travelling to Brigadoom reveals that the once thriving city has fallen into ruin, its memory and inhabitants lost to time. Delving into the ruins in search of answers, the Hero discovers the true story behind the Knight in the appearance of Morag. She re-casts the curse upon the Knight, binding him to her for all time, but the Hero leaps into action and battles the demoness.

In the end, Princess Simona arrives in the guise of Princess Mona, her kind words allowing the Wight Knight to pass on into the next life.

List Entry
Black-clad knight errant who once terrorised the people of Stornway in mistaken search of his long-lost love. He was once a handsome young chevalier whose fair face set hearts aflutter in the castle.

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