[edit] Overview

A Vocation is a specific 'job' or 'class' that effects a given character's attributes, which weapons and armour they can equip, which spells they can use in battle, and so on. The Vocation system enables the player to customize their characters' statistics and useable abilities by regularly leveling up and manipulating their current Vocation.

Once a specific point in the story has been reached, the party planning place hosted by Patty at The Quester's Rest Inn in Stornway becomes available for use. Taking advantage of this feature, the player can create new characters to accompany the Hero during their travels and fight alongside them in their party. When creating a character for the team, the new character's Vocation is manually selectable by the player and therefore introduces some more variety and strategy into forthcoming battles.

The Hero begins their adventure as a member of the Minstrel Vocation by default - a class considered to be something of an all-rounder as far as combat capabilities go. However, after defeating the Master of Nu'un at the Tower of Trades, Jack of Alltrades's Vocation-changing services become available at Alltrades Abbey.

At first, only the six basic Vocations are open for selection, but other, decidedly more specialized Vocations exist and can be unlocked by completing the appropriate Quests.

Upon reaching the maximum level in a specific vocation (the 99th level), the player has the option re-Vocate and get a special ultra-rare item in reward of their efforts.

[edit] Vocation Listing

[edit] Basic Vocations

  • Mage - Specialists in martial magic that can make mincemeat of many monsters. They can also equip wands, knives and whips.
  • Martial Artist - Able employers of the potential of tension, they value strength and agility above all, and can fight with fans, claws and staves.
  • Minstrel - All-round entertainers who encourage those around them with all manner of marvesls, and wage war with whips, fans and swords.
  • Priest - Specialists in medical magic who can also mix it up with spears, wands and staves when combat is called for.
  • Thief - Versatile vagabonds with a keen nose for treasure, they are also fierce fighters, skilled with swords, knives and claws.
  • Warrior - Mighty fighters who make good use of swords, spears and knives, and who courageously cover their companions.

[edit] Specialist Vocations

  • Armamentalist - Powerful proponents of the formidable Fource, they can also fight with wands, bows and swords.
  • Gladiator - Fierce fighters who rain continuous carnage on the foes who face them with swords, axes and hammers.
  • Ranger - Wild warriors who are at one with nature, and can call on its powers at will, as well as using boomerangs, bows and axes.

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