Treasure Map

[edit] Overview

Treasure Maps are a new system exclusively available to Dragon Quest IX . When a Treasure Map is found and opened, it will show an X on the map. The player must then look at the surroundings around the X and hopefully identify the location.

When the Hero arrives at the location shown on a map, a "!" interactivity notification will appear above his/her head. Either by pressing the "A" button or tapping it with the DS stylus, a Grotto will open up. All Treasure Maps lead to a Grotto.

A Grotto is basically a difficult dungeon, with different levels, rare stronger incarnations of monsters, plenty of treasure, and at the very end, a Grotto Boss. Grotto bosses are tough, but have chances to drop very rare and powerful items. Treasure Maps can also be shared wirelessly, with the Canvass for Guests option at the Quester's Rest (also known as Tag Mode), so you may share and receive maps from friends and even strangers.

[edit] Getting Started

To get started on Treasure Maps, you must first complete the Collapsus's Call quest. The first Treasure Map that you receive from this quest is the only pre-determined map in the game and after clearing its Grotto, you will receive another map. From this point on, all maps you get from clearing a Grotto will be randomly generated.

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