Tower of Trades

The Tower of Trades

The Tower of Trades is a gigantic structure which looms over Newid Isle.

It was the original place of ritual where Vocations could be changed, before Alltrades Abbey was built. Now it stands abandoned and has been overrun by monsters.

When Jack of Alltrades - the Abbot who performs the Vocation-changing ritual - eats a golden Fygg given to him by a man who randomly stumbled upon the fruit during his journey to the Abbey, Jack mysteriously disappears into the Tower. Later, when the Hero climbs the Tower of Trades in search of the Abbot, the Fygg has a strange effect on him and he transforms into the hideous and power-hungry Master of Nu'un.

Within the Tower of Trades two inscriptions can be found - remnants of the Tower's past. They read:

'A vocation is a door to boundless potential. The ability to choose one's vocation is the inalienable right of all mortals.'

'Do not go lightly into a new vocation, you who would start anew. Once chosen, your new calling will shape the rest of your days.'

Monsters found here include:

Mushroom Mage

Walking Corpse





Slime Stack


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