A thief is a very fast character skilled in locating treasure. They have high agility, but lack in most offensive and defensive categories. With very high deftness, a thief has oodles that it can do. They have some slight healing abilities, but are not the "combat efficient" type. They do learn abilities such as Half-Inch, which has a chance of stealing an item from the enemy, and Nose For Treasure, which locates close by treasure chests. They also have a Coup de Grace called Itemized Kill, which guarantees an item from the enemy monster when it is defeated. A thief might not be the best Vocation for combat, but any party with a thief will surely be loaded with treasure.

[edit] Attributes

Attribute Value
Strength 13
Agility 18
Resilience 11
Deftness 18
Charm 3
Magical Mending 4
Magical Might 0
Max. HP 23
Max. MP 6

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