A spell is an attack you can unlock at certain levels. Different vocations unlock these spells such as Priests unlock healing spells and Mages mostly use attack spells. They can either help the party members ( better their defence, agility, attack ect.) or, they can decrease the foes abilites (defence, attack ect.) or it can do hard damage to the foes. Spells are mostly built out of MP points which increase at every level up. there a certain items such as Sages Elixir and Magic Water that increase MP points if you run low. BUT, just be careful you don't waste your MP on death spells such as Whack on bosses! they don't work, honestly. Anyway, a spell or two towards a fight is really worth it, because it decreases more HP or helps the party more than anything else can. And also, the Hero unlocks Zoom which is a spell that only the hero unlocks, which can take you any place already visited for 0 MP! Overall, a spell or two towards a fight is worth it, if you know how to use them :).

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