This specialist Vocation only becomes available for use after completing the appropriate quest; Quest #115; Sages in the Pages.

The Sage specializes in Magical abilities overall. They learn healing spells, such as Multiheal and Moreheal, but are outclassed in healing output by the Priest.

Sages are commonly considered to be superior to Mages in offensive magic, evinced by their capability to learn the ultimate magical attack spell, Magic Burst. To be kept in mind is the difference in speed between the two classes -Sages are much slower than the Mage. Sages are the only Vocation that is able to learn Kazing, the only spell with a 100% success rate at revival.

[edit] Attributes

Attribute Value
Strength 12
Agility 13
Resilience 12
Deftness 3
Charm 14
Magical Mending 12
Magical Might 14
Max. HP 29
Max. MP 30

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