Quester's Rest

[edit] Overview

The Quester's Rest Inn is a well-respected establishment in Stornway founded by the Inncredible Inntertainer Edwinn (Erinn's father). Since Edwinn's disappearance and discovered death, the Inn's standards and reputation had fallen. In order to restore the Inn to its prior glory, Patty recruits Erinn to run her father's Inn, insisting that Inn-keeping runs in the girl's blood.

Stornway becomes a pivotal point of interaction for the player purely due to the presence of the Quester's Rest within its walls. Players will find many things to do within the Inn, with more features unlocking all throughout the game.

[edit] Features

  • Resting - Somewhat obvious, but helpful nonetheless. Erinn even lets the Hero stay for a nice discount.
  • The Bank - Located in the southeastern corner of the ground floor, the Bank is a safe place to deposit one's hard-earned gold in increments of 1000. The Bank is run by Ginny and is a must-use feature for anyone looking to build up a large savings account. Deposits, withdrawals and balance statements are all completely fee and interest free.
  • Krak Pot - A tool used in conjunction with the Alchenomicon to perform Alchemy. The pot is placed on the counter to the right of Erinn for ease of access and remains there for the entirety of the Hero's travels.
  • Party Planning Place - Necessary for anyone who does not wish to travel the world alone, the Party Planning Place is run by Patty and allows the player to call up, recruit (create), drop off or delete party members.
  • The Rapportal - Overseen by the Celestrian Pavo, the Rapportal is a magical device that allows the player to link up wirelessly with their friends and go adventuring in the same world together. The host's world may only have three visiters at a time, as the maximum number of people in a single party is four. Leaving the world to visit another means leaving any party members behind, however they will patiently await your return at the Inn. Note that helping a friend to advance the story in their game changes nothing in the player's own game.
  • DQVC - Access to DQVC is offered by Sellma, who can be found behind the counter just to the right of Krak Pot. DQVC offers multitudes of extra content, including (but not limited to) more Quests, celebrity guest visits to the Inn (usually resulting in a free item for the player), and the weekly item shop. A valid Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is required in order to properly enjoy DQVC, but the player can still connect for a brief news update even without a connection.

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