Dr. Phlegming

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Dr. Phlegming

Dr. Phlegming is a young man who lives in the large fortress city known as Coffinwell. He is a brilliant scientist and doctor, studying and creating life-saving cures for many diseases. He has a wife named Catarrhina, who is always worrying about him a lot.

When the Hero reaches Coffinwell for the first time, he/she is told that a terrible disease has broken out, and is rapidly killing the inhabitants of the city at a worrying pace. Phlegming tries to cure it, but nothing seems to work and it seems that the city is doomed. After meeting Phlegming for the first time, the hero is asked to accompany him in his search for the cure, which he believes to be in the Quarantomb, and abandoned crypt west of the city.

Upon entering the center of the crypt, Phlegming finds an old, sealed vase, which he believes to be the origin of the contagion. The vase was cracked, presumably how the disease escaped. As Phlegming starts gluing it back together, suddenly, a monster emerged from the pot... Ragin' Contagion, the very essence of illness itself. While the hero fights off the monster, Phlegming unlocks the seals the pot, enclosing it forever. But upon returning to town, he sees that he was too late to save the one he loved...

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