Morag is a member of the demon family of monsters and is the third boss during the Hero's journey in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Sky. Morag is partly responsible for the destruction and darkness which befell the city of Brigadoom, a now derelict city where she and the Wight Knight used to reside.

Several centuries prior to the events unfolding, Morag cast a spell on the Wight Knight, forcing him to fall in love with her. The incident with the Yggdrasil Tree had far-reaching consequences, one of which being an earthquake throughout the Protectorate, which (among many other things) caused Morag's curse upon the Wight Knight to be dispelled.

After the Hero defeats her, Morag disappears and after a brief scene with Princess Simona, the Wight Knight is able to move on. She drops the item High Heels for the Hero upon defeat.

List Entry
Came to bring destruction to Brigadoom, but was rather taken with the Wight Knight, so sealed herself away with him instead. She chose to bring gloom to Brigadoom for reasons related to the darkest parts of the heart.

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