This specialist Vocation only becomes available for use after completing the appropriate quest; Quest #118 - A Star is Born. This particular quest is only available post-game.

The Luminary Vocation can in most ways be considered as an 'upgrade' to theMinstrel, often replacing Minstrels in the party entirely once unlocked. Possessing the highest Charm of any Vocation in the game, they very often cause monsters to become enthralled.

The Luminary's Coup de Grace raises tension and draws every enemy's attention, rendering them incapable of taking action for one turn.

[edit] Attributes

Attribute Value
Strength 9
Agility 22
Resilience 12
Deftness 16
Charm 18
Magical Mending 19
Magical Might 55
Max. HP 31
Max. MP 13

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