Lleviathan is the god of the sea and an important deity to the people of Porth Llaffan.

With the help and callings from Jona, the giant sea beast brings fish to the shore line town. After a while, Jona refuses to take advantage of Lleviathan any longer when the townspeople are perfectly capable of fishing for themselves. The mayor continues to press Jona into performing the prayers in a scene atop Cuddiedig Cliff, greedily thinking only of his own comfort and therefore denying Jona's request to cease the summonings. However, upon the Hero's arrival at the clifftop, Lleviathan appears and turns violent, attacking the mayor and swallowing Jona whole.

After the beast is beaten, it is revealed that the creature has actually been possessed by Jona's deceased father - Dylan Jones - who was still, even after death, trying to look after his daughter. He was out fishing one night when the terrible earthquake struck and tipped his boat over, drowning him. But as the real Lleviathan passed by his near-dead body, a Fygg dropped into the water. In a desperate attempt to stay alive, Dylan ate the Fygg and merged into the Lleviathan, joining them as one. After Jona tell him that she is a grown woman now and can provide for herself, Dylan departs to the afterlife, leaving the real Lleviathan behind to return later in a post-game quest.

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The people of Porth Llaffan worshipped this watery deity, which was really Dylan Jones in fygg-changed form

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