Legacy Boss

The Legacy Bosses are a special range of bosses from previous Dragon Quest games. Each of them provides a new and unique challenge that will please and test both Dragon Quest veterans and novices alike.

These bosses can only be fought once the player has acquired their respective Legacy Map, each of which is hard to find and only has one floor. The first of these maps can be obtained by completing Quest #062, Brian's Dyin's Wish, which can be started on the small island on the edge of the Cringle Coast, reachable by way of the Starflight Express.

After defeating the boss, you may choose the option to give all the experience points from the battle to the boss. If you reply yes, then the boss may level up (depending on what level it was in the first place). Leveling them up will increse their stats, making them considerably harder to beat. A level one boss will be easily beaten by a level 50+ team, while a boss that's been leveled up to level 99 will be practically impossible to beat without the right tactics and a maxed out team. However, as well as getting tougher they will also drop rarer items when leveled up, and when they reach level 16 they may drop the next Legacy Map.

The Legacy Bosses are:














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