Jack of Alltrades

Abbot Jack

Jack of Alltrades is the Abbot of Alltrades Abbey, the tower where questers go to change their vocation.

At a certain point during the Hero's story, Abbot Jack eats one of the magical golden Fyggs that fell from the sky when the Observatory was attacked, given to him by a martial artist seeking his favor in changing vocation. With no regard for his personal safety, Jack dashes off to the Tower of Trades without a word to anyone, leaving the Abbey in disarray without him.

Our Hero follows in hot pursuit upon hearing of the abbot's disappearance and finds him atop the abandoned and monster-ridden Tower of Trades, praying for the power of supreme guidance with the original intent to lead his flock along only the brightest and purest of paths.

Jack undergoing the mysterious transformation

Before long, however, Jack's motivations become warped and twisted under the overwhelming influence of the Fygg's power, and he is transformed into the horrific Master of Nu'un and attacks the Hero's party.

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