Ivor joins the hero's party.

Ivor is a character who appears early on in the game, and is one of the first people the player meets after falling from the skies during an incident with the Yggdrasil Tree, in which they lose some, but not all of their celestrian powers. Ivor asks the player to go and help him on an adventure, and if the player agrees, Ivor will join their party fo a short time..

Ivor's Father is always urging him to get out and do something, and, as Ivor claims he is trying to do, it never seems to boost his father's opinion of him. Ivor also clearly has a crush on the innkeeper's daughter, and tries, unsuccessfully, to hide it.

Ivor has blonde hair and later takes up running the inn after the previous keeper leaves to take on a bigger inn in Stornway.

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