The Hexagoon
The Hexagoon is the first boss that the Hero encounters in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Sky.

Patty is announced missing and is presumed to have disappeared during her visit to the Hexagon ruins on her journey from Stornway to Angel Falls in search of Erinn's father. Being the good guy/gal that he/she is, the Hero goes in search of the damsel in distress. As the Hero reaches the top floor of the Hexagon, they see Patty trapped helplessly under some fallen debris. As the Hero attempts to aid Patty, the Hexagoon arrives and attacks.

Once it is defeated it vanishes and leaves behind a Magic Beast Hide.

List Entry
Hideous hulk that once prowled the passages of the Hexagon, preying on travellers. The earth shakes with its every step. It's diet consists mainly rocks and boulders, so the Hexagon made a marvellous home.
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