Hero (Dragon Quest IX)

Dragon Quest IX Hero
Dragon Quest IX Hero.jpg
Japanese Nameヒーロ
TitleSentinel of the Starry Skies

The hero of Dragon Quest IX is originally a Celestrian and guardian to the village of Angel Falls; however, after the Tree of Yggdrasil finally bore its fruit, an unexpected and immense storm-like occurence caused him/her to fall down to the Protectorate, losing his/her wings and halo in the process.

During his/her time as a Celestrian, he/she gathered Benevolessence to which Celestrians give to the Yggdrasil Tree in order to try and gain access to the Realm of the Almighty. Now, however, trapped on the Protectorate without any means of return, he/she gathers the crystallized benevolence in order to gain the Almighty's attention and regain access to the Observatory.

Unlike the heroes of the other games in the Dragon Quest series, the hero is fully customisable. The player can select their choice of gender, body type, hair style, skin pigment, hair colour, eye colour and name. On top of the enormous amount of available equipment, this means that any two Heroes will rarely look alike.

[edit] Class and Skill

At the start of the game, the Hero will always start out as a Minstrel, a class which possesses a few unique skills. The Hero learns several compulsary abilities during their travels, such as Egg On and Zoom.

After knocking some sense into the abbot Jack of Alltrades, the hero can change their vocation once the Fygg is obtained at the Tower of Trades. To begin with, he/she only has access to the base classes of Warrior, Mage, Thief, Priest, Martial Artist and Minstrel, but can unlock new vocations by finding and completing the relevant Quests.

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