Hammibal is the 2nd part and strength of the Grand Architect, Zenus.

He was one of the 10 parts of Zenus, when Corvus's dark energy beam smashed through the Realm of the Almighty and split them up, sending them deep down into the grottoes. His most recent memories where that he was in the Palace of the Almighty with Celestria, arguing about whether the mortals deserved to live or not. There was then a flash, and he awoke in the depths of a grotto.

Hammibal can be found in medium level grottoes (levels 50-70)

List Entry
An impeccably-armoured and impressively massive monster who may look mean, but has a huge heart as well.

[edit] Trivia

  • Hammibal is named after Hannibal, an African general who tried to invade Rome in 202BC.
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