Gittish Empire

The Gittish Empire are an empire that attack the Observatory. They eventually come back from beyond by the hatred of Corvus himself. They took Corvus from Serena, and Their Leader King Godwyn is the brutal killer of the Hero's mentor, Aquila. The Gittish Empire use Celestrian's power to make their dragon Barbarus more powerful. They even have their own little isle, The Gittish Isle. At the start the Hero can't enter the Gittish Empire Isle in the boat, because it is completely walled off. There is absoloutly no way to get in. Eventually the Hero is jailed up (a bit like Corvus, but not for 400 years) in the prison of Gortress. The Jailbirds eventually fight back against the Gortress Troops, and the Hero is then set the Task of oblitrating the Gittingham Palace, and the Hero meets Aquila for the last time, when he is killed by their merciless king after attempting to kill the Hero.

Serena is also a victim of the Gittish Empire, when she and her father are slaughtered by the troops who take away Corvus. The Gittish are a merciless bunch, who used the power of Corvus to change innocent soilders into merciless butchers. The Gittish are based in the center of the isle of the Gittish empire, in Gittingham Palace.

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