Garth Goyle

Garth Goyle

The formidable guardian of Zere Rocks, Garth Goyle is the result of a Fygg-borne wish gone wrong, and the sixth boss the Hero must best.

Mason, the stonemason was once a resident of the small town of Zere, where he held affections for another villager, Petra (who the player will recognize from their brief encounter during the tale of the Wight Knight). He left his hometown and his love to perfect his stoneworking craft, but for reasons unknown to all but himself, he never returned to Zere.

During the Hero's travels, he/she comes across Mason's makeshift home at the foot of a mountain, but finds it abandoned. A bit of sleuthing uncovers that Mason, realising his time in the world was nearing its end, climbed to the top of the mountain to die alongside his life's work.

His life's work turns out to be an exact, life-sized replica of the town of Zere, crafted completely from stone, villagers and all - an eery place dubbed Zere Rocks.

Speaking with the still-life town's only non-petrified resident (a talking slime), the player learns that Mason did indeed climb up there to die. But before he went, he allowed himself one final indulgence; a delicious, golden fruit. Eating the fruit and feeling death's clutches upon him, he wished dearly that Zere Rocks, his greatest creation, would go on preserved and never decay.

And so Garth Goyle was spawned. Eternal protector of the stone village, he exists solely to ensure that no harm comes to the stonework.

List Entry
This stone sentry was created to stand guard over Zere Rocks. It seemed to be looking for someone called Mason...

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