A pair of golden Fyggs

Borne from the World Tree Yggdrasil, a Fygg is a golden fruit which is presupposed to harbour the power of the Tree itself. Largely mysterious in nature and purpose, there exist several theories regarding the golden Fyggs - each suggested by the Celestrians, mainly Apus Major. It is believed that they hold the key to the salvation of both the Protectorate and the Observatory.

Once enough Benevolessence is gathered and offered unto Yggdrasil, the World Tree bears the mysterious fruit. Shortly thereafter, the Observatory comes under siege by an unknown force from the world below and the Fyggs (along with the Hero and several other Celestrians) fall from the Observatory and plummet down to the Protectorate.

Later on during their journey, the Hero experiences a strange dream. Upon awakening, they hear a voice. The voice implores the Hero to seek out and collect the lost Fyggs, and doing so fast becomes the focus of the story. As the Hero comes across the Fyggs, it becomes clear that the fruits possess the power to realise the dreams and desires of whoever eats them.

[edit] Fygg Locations

  1. Alltrades Abbey - ingested by Jack of Alltrades (transforms into Master of Nu'un to beat his followers into submission with fear)
  2. Porth Llaffan - ingested by Dylan Jones (transforms into Lleviathan so that he can watch over Jona Jones)
  3. Zere Rocks - ingested by Mason (wishes that his life's work would go protected and spawns Garth Goyle to guard it)
  4. Bloomingdale - ingested by Marionette (the doll comes to life so that she may be friends with Ms Marion Bloome)
  5. Gleeba - ingested by Drak (wishes for an attractive mortal form in order to court Queen Voluptua, but instead transforms into the Grand Lizzier)
  6. Batsureg - ingested by Sarantsatsral (transforms into Larstastnaras before taking on the more alluring form of Sarantsatsral in an attempt to make friends and combat loneliness)
  7. Swinedimples Academy - ingested by Sir Sternious Swinedimple (transforms into the Dreadmaster to better discipline wayward students)

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