Erinn is the daughter of the Inncredible Inntertainer, Edwinn, and the original proprieter of the humble but homely inn in Angel Falls.

Erinn's mother died during child-birth and passed on her physical frailties to the young girl. After learning of the healing properties of the water in Angel Falls, Edwinn brought his daughter to the town in the hopes that the living conditions would help her overcome her sickness. Not long after, Edwinn passed away as well, leaving Erinn in the care of her grandfather.

Near to the beginning of the story, a young woman by the name of Patty makes her way to Angel Falls, making claims that Erinn's father ran the great Quester's Rest of Stornway, and offers Erinn a job as his replacement there. At first, she hastily declines, but Patty - along with the Hero's help - manages to persuade her in the end.

She now runs the Quester's Rest Inn in the huge castle town of Stornway.

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