Dragon Warrior Monsters

Dragon Warrior Monsters Boxshot
Dragon Warrior Monsters
PublisherEnix / Eidos Interactive
CreatorYuji Hori
Character ArtAkira Toriyama
ComposerKoichi Sugiyama
Platform(s)Game Boy Color
Release DatesJP September 25, 1998 NA December 31, 1999

[edit] Background

When two siblings, Terry and Milayou were just children, a purple monster (Warubou) with an evil face and an antenna on its head appeared one night and kidnapped Milayou. Soon after, another monster that is similar to Warubou appeared and told Terry that Warubou has kidnapped his sister. He then introduced himself to Terry and said that Terry must go to the Kingdom of Great Tree if there is to be any chance of saving Milayou. After arriving at the Great Tree, Terry met the king and received his first monster to train - a blue Slime. Terry was then told that if he wins the Monster Trainer's Starry Night Tournament, he will be granted a wish. So Terry's quest in taming and breeding monsters in order to save his sister began...

[edit] Bestiary & Breeding Guide

Total monsters recorded: 212. Please go to the individual monster pages to view the required parents for breeding. Note that if the parent's name is in all capital letters, it means ANY monster in that particular family that isn't breeding-specific (not required for other breedings). One last note: Japanese Name means how these monsters' names appear in the Japanese version of the game.

Breeding Guide

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