Dragon Warrior III

Dragon Warrior III box shot
Dragon Warrior III Front Cover (SFC)

Heartbeat (SFC)

PublisherSquare Enix
CreatorYuji Horii
Character ArtAkira Toriyama
ComposerKoichi Sugiyama
PlatformsNintendo Entertainment System, Super Famicom, Game Boy Color
Release DatesNintendo Entertainment System

JP February 10, 1988 NA June 12, 1991 Super Famicom JP December 6, 1996 Game Boy Color JP December 8, 2000

NA July 7, 2001


[edit] Background

The events of Dragon Warrior III take place many years prior to the events of Dragon Quest I & II, in an entirely separate world. The demon king Baramos threatens the existence of mankind, and all who oppose him have been killed. You are the hero, either a boy or girl depending on your preference, and the only child of the great hero Ortega. Years before, when you were just a small child, Ortega set out to rid the world of Baramos - though it is apparent that he failed. It is assumed that Ortega died after his battle with Baramos, after being cast into an active volcano by the demon king. Years later, on the morning of your sixteenth birthday, you decide to set out, following in your father's footsteps in an effort to rid the world of Baramos once and for all! First you must be granted approval from the King of Aliahan, so you make your way to the castle court. After being granted the approval of your humble king, you pay a visit to the local tavern to find a worthy band of mercenaries for hire. Whichever three of the randomly generated individuals you choose is up to you, and will not have any impact on the story. After you have a full party, you say goodbye to your mother and grandfather one last time, and leave Aliahan on your journey to slay the Demon King Baramos!

Eventually, after traveling the lands, the hero and company acquire the six Mystical Orbs needed to revive the legendary bird Ramia. It is only after Ramia has been revived that the hero has access to Baramos's lava surrounded castle.

[edit] After the Hero's confrontation with Baramos...

Immediately after defeating Baramos, Zoma - the real demon king - makes a debut appearance. Baramos was only a puppet in Zoma's plan to rid the world of humans, and by defeating Baramos the hero has disrupted these plans. After a brief scene, Zoma opens up a portal to the Dark World - a demon infested world that mirrors the Main World. The hero must search the Dark World for the legendary Rain Staff, and Sun Stone, both of which are required to create a bridge in order to reach Zoma's Castle. Once the hero has collected both artifacts, they may proceed to the final confrontation with the real demon king!

[edit] Characters

It isn't necessary to use any characters besides the hero to complete the game. All characters are generated at the Tavern in Aliahan, with randomized stats and personalities. None of the characters that can be found in the Tavern are of any importance to the game's story.

[edit] Classes

[edit] Hero

You are the hero! The most well-balanced of all character classes, the Hero can equip either light or heavy armor, and a wide variety of weapons. Likewise, the Hero class also has access to a wide array of magical spells, ranging from both offensive and defensive spells. The Hero class is also the only class that can learn HealUsAll, which completely restores the group's HP, and Thordian, an extremely powerful lightening base spell that hits every enemy on the screen!

[edit] Mage

The more offensive of the two magical classes, a Mage learns powerful offensive spells like Blaze and Boom. The cost for powerful magic and a high intelligence stat is the inability to equip heavy armor and weaponry - leaving the Mage extremely vulnerable to physical attacks.

[edit] Cleric

The more defensive of the two magic proficient classes. A Cleric learns spells such as Heal and SpeedUp, that can be used to fortify the party's defenses. Like Mages, Clerics are unable to equip heavy armor, though they can surprisingly equip weapons similar to what the Hero can equip.

[edit] Warrior

As their title implies, the Warrior class focuses on brawn over brain. Able to equip the heaviest of weapons and armor makes Warriors less likely to fall in the thick of battle, though they lack intelligence and therefore magical ability.

[edit] Fighter

Masters of the martial arts, Fighters hit hard and hit often. Fighters possess great amounts of speed, agility, and strength, allowing them to deal loads of damage to most enemies. Fighters can also wield a wide array of weaponry, though you should keep in mind that if it doesn't have to do with claws it will only weaken the Fighter's ability to deal large amounts of damage. The same goes for heavy armor.

[edit] Thief

Thieves are extremely quick, and it's likely that they're going to dodge most oncoming attacks. The Thief class is pretty average in everything else, they can equip a wide variety of weapons that can damage all enemies at once - things such as whips and chains make great weapons for a Thief. Most notably is their ability to steal from enemies at the end of a battle, either gold or items. Thieves also have access to useful spells, such as Eagle Eye, that allow the player to locate treasure and nearby towns.

[edit] Jester

A class that is virtually useless on the battlefield, Jesters possess enormous amounts of luck. Having that much luck allows a Jester to strike a critical blow more often than not. The trade off for the ridiculous amount of luck - the inability to control their actions all of the time, as well as a poor library of weapons and armor. Ironically, a Jester is the only class that can become a Sage at the Dhama Temple, without a Zen Book item.

[edit] Dealer

The Dealer possesses two notable outside abilities: Excavate, which allows the player to dig underneath where they are standing for treasure, and YellHelp, which summons a weapon specialist when used in the field. There is a town, somewhere, that requires the knowledge and know-how of a Dealer. If you leave a Dealer in this town you will come to find that the town grows over time, and that the Dealer has become mayor.

[edit] Sage

The Sage is considered to be the most versatile and useful magical class in the game. Possessing the skills of both the Cleric and Mage class, a Sage has access to almost every spell in the game. Unlike Clerics and Mages, a Sage is able to equip heavier armor and more powerful weapons. The Sage class is not available at the start of the game, and the only way to turn one of your party members into a sage is to take them to the Dhama Temple at level 20 with a Zen book in tow.

[edit] Development and Remakes

Dragon Warrior III Game Boy Color box shot
Dragon Warrior III Front Cover (GBC)

Dragon Warrior III was originally released, in Japan, for the Super Famicom in 1996. The game was never ported to the SNES due to Enix of America Corporation's closure in 1993. By the time Enix of America returned the SNES was on it's way out of the North American market. Dragon Warrior III wasn't released in North America until 2000, for the Game Boy Color. The remake featured updated graphics, an overhauled introduction, the ability to collect and exchange Tiny Medals and Monster Medals for prizes, and the pachisi style minigame, none of which was featured in the original game.

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