Dragon Quest VIII: The Journey of the Cursed King

Dragon Quest VIII Box Shot
Dragon Quest VIII Front Cover
DeveloperLevel 5
PublisherSquare Enix
CreatorYuji Horii
Character ArtAkira Toriyama
SoundtrackKoichi Sugiyama
US ReleaseNov 15 2005
Japan ReleaseNov 17 2004


[edit] Background

In a world not much different from our past, a young knight of Castle Trodain, the King of Trodain and the Princess are on a mission to find and exact revenge upon an Evil Sorcerer by the name of Dhoulmagus. Dhoulmagus' actions led to the King and Princess being transformed into a Troll and Horse and the castle including all inhabitants but the knight to be surrounded and frozen by dark vines. Now this trio must defeat Dhoulmagus and an ultimately darker power to restore the spell but this is only possible with the help of comrades you meet along the way. Only with the aid of a Cockney bandit, a playboy monk and a posh Lady can you succeed.

[edit] Gameplay & Game Info

  • Dragon Quest VIII was the first game in the Dragon Quest series to feature in 3D. The game sold 3 million units in its first 3 months in Japan.
  • The game uses a traditional turn-based system for fighting. A new tension system allows your character to power up to hit higher damage in battle. You can use skill points on characters to give them new skills. Skill Points are gained whenever one of your characters level up.
  • Use Alchemy to create and synthesize many unique items(weapons, armour, general items and all) ranging from a Hell Scythe, to Spiked Armour to a Pointy Hat!
  • The game uses colorful cell shaded graphics and characters have been designed by Akira Toriyama, most famous for his work behind the much loved Dragonball series. Travel around a vast and beautiful 3D world on foot, on a sabrecat's back or in air.
  • There are over 250 monsters to find and fight, as well as the Monster Arena which allows you to capture and train your very own monsters and put them into battle in the Arena.
  • You can spend some of your hard earned gold in the casinos, where you have the chance to win some very special items.
  • A unique Battle Records page lets you keep track of everything you have done in the game thus far, such as the number of battles you have won, the number of monsters defeated and King Trode will weigh in with his humorous comments along the way.

[edit] Monsters


There are 295 different monsters in total, and 13 different families of all very diverse species;

[edit] Playable Characters

[edit] Hero


Once of the King's guards who served in Castle Trodain. That was until the day the curse unleashed by the evil Dhoulmagus froze the Kingdom in time and turned his master, King Trode, into a hideous monster. The Hero was the only one who survived the tragedy unscathed, and so it is up to him to track down Dhoulmagus and find a way to save the beloved King and fellow countrymen.

[edit] Yangus


Yangus's craggy face and rough attitude make it obvious that he was once a bandit just as much as the scars all over his body do. However, due to unexpected circumstances, he ends up joining you, the hero, as a traveling companion. What could you have done to encourage him to reform his life so much?

[edit] Jessica


Despite her casual dress and her inquisitive expressions, Jessica is actually the daughter of a famous family of rural aristocrats. Hidden away within her are the seeds of powerful magic, so she currently studies magic in the hopes of unlocking that power. Jessica is also trying to hunt down Dhoulmagus, and this is why she eventually joins up with you and Yangus. What happened between her and Dhoulmagus to make her want to leave such a comfortable life behind?

[edit] Angelo


A Templar knight who has sworn an oath to protect his abbey. He seems to be far more dedicated to gambling and beautiful women than to the church though, so he is somewhat scorned by his fellow Templars. Still, he is quite competent with swords, bows, and staves and is capable of casting a variety of recovery spells.

[edit] Non Playable Characters

[edit] Medea

Medea in horse form

The Cursed Princess Medea is the daughter of King Trode. When the Castle of Trodain was put under a spell, a curse was put on all of the castle's inhabitants, turning Medea into a horse in the process. She travels with the party by pulling a cart containing the party's supplies. She is also a childhood friend of the Hero.

[edit] Trode

King Trode

The Cursed King. Although he looks like a monster, he is in fact the majestic ruler of Trodain. He was transformed into his troll-like appearance on the day Dhoulmagus cursed his whole kingdom. In order to lift the curse that was placed on his castle and its inhabitants, King Trode sets out on a seemingly endless journey with you, the only person left unscathed by the tragedy. Will poor King Trode ever be able to restore his kingdom and his visage to its former glory?

[edit] Dhoulmagus


A power-hungry jester that goes around the world looking for descendants of the Seven Sages to take their powers. He was also the one who put the curse on Trode and Medea.

[edit] Monster Arena

Content Needed

[edit] Alchemy

Content Needed

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