Dragon Warrior I & II

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Dragon Warrior I & II GBC Boxshot
Dragon Warrior I & II
DeveloperChunsoft (SFC), TOSE (GBC)
CreatorYuji Hori
Character ArtAkira Toriyama
ComposerKoichi Sugiyama
Platform(s)Super Famicom, Game Boy Color
Release DatesSuper Famicom

JP December 18, 1993

Game Boy Color

JP September 23, 1999

NA September 27, 2000


[edit] Background

Dragon Warrior I & II compiles both of the original Super Famicom titles, Dragon Warrior I and Dragon Warrior II, into a Single game Boy Color cartridge released in North America in 2000. Both games utilize the Dragon Quest V game engine, sporting not only updated graphics but also an updated version of the games' original scripts. Many of the towns and NPCs were renamed to better reflect the original games.

[edit] Dragon Warrior I

[edit] Story

The Hero of Dragon Warrior I is a descendant of Loto (Erdrick, in the original). The game begins in King Lorik's royal chamber, as the king briefs you of Dracolord's evil plan to throw the land into chaos. King Lorik explains that Dracolord has stolen the Ball of Light, an item that is necessary to maintain peace throughout the land, and that you are the only hope for the kingdom. Being the descendant of the legendary hero, you are almost immediately whisked outside of the castle, with nothing but a Copper Sword and helmet. While the story seems minimalistic at first, as you travel from town to town and speaks with the NPCs, you will learn more about the captured Princess Lora, as well as the relics required to reach the Dracolord's Castle.

Although this is the first installment in the Dragon Warrior franchise, this game is actually preceeded by the events that occur in Dragon Warrior III, and is followed by the story presented in Dragon Warrior II.

[edit] Characters

[edit] The Hero

Not much is known about the Hero, other than that he's a descendant of the legendary warrior Loto. He is forced into a relationship with Princess Lora, after rescuing her. It is revealed in Dragon Warrior II that the couple has three children, two boys and one girl.

[edit] Princess Lora

The princess of Tantegel Castle. During the opening scene, it is revealed that she was captured by a Dragon. After being rescued by the Hero, she falls madly in love with him.

[edit] King Lorik

King of Tantegel Castle, and father of Princess Lora. The Hero's story begins inside of his royal chamber, where he presents the Hero with a Copper Sword and a bit of Gold.

[edit] Dracolord

A Dragon whose soul became corrupt from practicing magic. He sought "unlimited power and destruction", and hoped to weaken the human's forces by stealing the Ball of Light. Once the kingdoms were in a panic, he planned to attack with his army of monsters, and ultimately take over the world.

[edit] Dragon Warrior II

[edit] Story

The events of Dragon Warrior II take place one hundred years after the battle between Erdrick's descendant and the Dragonlord. A century of peace is suddenly disrupted by a raid on Moonbrook Castle, led by the evil minions of the demon lord Hargon. Somehow, a lone castle guard manages to escape the inferno of the ruined castle, and make his way to the Kingdom of Midenhall. He informs the King of Midenhall of Hargon's assault on Castle Moonbrook, and asks for the assistance of the king. The king orders his son, a descendant of Erdrick, to defeat the demon lord and restore peace to the land.

You begin the game alone, as the Prince of Midenhall, but eventually wind up traveling with your two cousins, the Prince of Samantoria, and the Princess of Moonbrook, both of whom are also descendants of the legendary hero Erdrick.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Prince of Midenhall

The Prince begins his journey alone, instructed by his father to defeat Hargon and restore peace to the land. Eventually the Prince meets up with his cousin, the Prince of Samantoria, and they travel to Moonbrook Castle together in search of the Princess. He has no magical ability, but his defense and attack are the strongest all three of the descendants.

[edit] Prince of Samantoria

Having some magical ability, such as the ability to learn Blaze, the Prince of Samantoria is a blend of the classic Warrior and Mage classes. While he isn't as strong as his cousin physically, he makes up for his lack of power early on with some powerful offensive spells. He set out at the same time that the Prince of Midenhall did, on a journey of his own to defeat Hargon.

[edit] Princess of Moonbrook

She is the most proficient magic user among the three heros, having a wide variety of attack and support spells from the moment she joins your party. She was thought to have been killed during the raid on Moonbrook Castle, but it later found out that she was only cursed by Hargon.

[edit] Hargon

The main antagonist in Dragon Warrior II. A demon lord who intends to rule the world, even if it means destroying the three kingdoms of Erdrick.

[edit] Rubiss

An elemental goddess who give the heroes advice on how to defeat Hargon.

[edit] Dragonlord's Grandson

The grandson of the Dragonlord, the main antagonist from Dragon Warrior I. He gives the heroes information on where to find Rubiss, as well as where to find the five crests.

[edit] Other Releases

Dragon Warrior II was originally released for both the MSX and Famicom.

Dragon Warrior II was later combined with Dragon Warrior I, and rereleased for the Super Famicom (and later the Game Boy Color in 1999).

Dragon Warrior II was released again for cellphones in Japan in 2008, with updated visuals, under the name of Dragon Quest II.

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