Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen

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Dragon Quest IV box shot
Dragon Quest IV Front Cover
PublisherSquare Enix
CreatorYuji Horii
Character ArtAkira Toriyama
US ReleaseSeptember 16, 2008
Japan ReleaseNovember 22, 2007
European ReleaseSeptember 12, 2008
Australian ReleaseSeptember 11, 2008


[edit] Background

Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen (ドラゴンクエストIV 導かれし者たち, Doragon Kuesuto Fo Michibikareshi Monotachi) is the fourth installment in the long-running Dragon Quest franchise. Originally released for the Famicom in 1990 in Japan, Dragon Quest IV was eventually released in North America in October 1992. Dragon Quest IV has been re-released multiple times, on a number of consoles. The game was remade by Heartbeat for the PlayStation, and eventually remade again for the Nintendo DS.

Dragon Quest IV is different from the rest of the games in the series in that it breaks up the story into five distinct chapters. The first four chapters are told from the perspective of each of the Hero's companions, and the fifth chapter is told from the perspective of the Hero himself (or herself, depending on the gender selected at the beginning of the game).

[edit] Story

The first four chapters introduce the Hero's future companions, as well as their individual motives for battling against Psaro. All four chapters play a significant role in leading up to the fifth chapter, where the Hero tells the story of how the party defeated Psaro once and for all.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Main Characters

The following characters can be controlled by the player in battle during their respective introductory chapters.

Hero (Male)

The Hero An eighteen year old and the focus of the story. Though the game recounts the tale of the Hero's battle against Psaro, the Hero does not make an appearance until Chapter 5 - the portion of the story told from the Hero's perspective. The Hero is the only character who can learn lightning spells (Zap and Kazap), in addition to one of the game's most powerful attacks; Gigasword.


Maya A dancer who works in Laissez Fayre, and also a proficient magic user specializing in fire based spells. Maya makes her first appearance in Chapter 4, and is the first to join the Hero in Chapter 5, along with her younger sister Meena.


Meena Maya's younger sister, who is also able to use magic. Meena is most proficient in wind based magic, though she can also cast a few support spells. Meena is the first character who joins up with the Hero in Chapter 5, along with her older sister Maya.

Ragnar McRyan

Ragnar McRyan A Royal Knight who also happens to be captain of the Burland. He makes his debut in Chapter 1, sent to investigate the mysterious disappearances of children living in the kingdom. He fits the role of Warrior quite well, with no magical abilities and a hefty amount of offensive power.


Kiryl Kiryl makes his first appearance in Chapter 2, where he is seen traveling with both Alena and Borya. He is a priest who can learn a myriad of healing spells, along with a few powerful instant death spells. Kiryl appears to have feeling for Alena, though she is oblivious to them.


Alena The tomboyish Princess of the Zamoksva Kingdom. She is bored with the life of a princess, and seeks adventure, much to the dismay of her father. She fits the role of a Fighter, specializing in quick offensive attacks and the use of Claw weapons. Alena makes it her goal to take part in the fighting tournament held in Endor.


Borya Alena's tutor and an accomplished magician. He first appears in Chapter 2, along with Alena, and it is revealed soon after that he is traveling with her in respect of a promise that he made to Alena's deceased mother. Boryl is adept at using Ice-based magic, and can also learn a wide array of de-buffing spells.


Torneko Taloon A merchant from Lakanaba who has dreams of opening his own store. His wife and son are the joys of his life, alongside traveling, and back his drive to find the legendary Zenithian Sword. Taloon resembles the Merchant Class from other Dragon Quest games, though he also has the potential to learn a few attacks and spells from the Dancer, Thief, and Jester classes. He makes his first appearance in Chapter 3, although he returns in Chapter 5 - the Hero's story - as an NPC who may use a random attack during battle (much like the Jester class from Dragon Warrior III).

[edit] Main Villains


The ruler of Diabolic Hall, Psaro seeks to revive the Ruler of Evil, Estark, and to perfect the Secret of Alchemy. Though he appears loyal to Estark, Psaro actually plans to perfect the Secret of Alchemy (which turns out to be the Secret of Evolution) in order to gain more power than Estark, and become the Ruler of Evil himself. He leads an army of monsters in an effort to achieve his goals of becoming the Ruler of Evil.

In Chapter 6 of the DS remake, he joins the Hero's team and helps them with the final boss. Psaro is well balanced in both healing and attack spells, and actually learns some attacks from later Dragon Quest titles (such as Magic Burst).


The Ruler of Evil who was sealed underneath the ocean after losing a battle against the Zenithians ages ago.


An evil priest who ordered the killing of Rose. He is loyal to Psaro, and is the final boss of Chapter 6 in the DS remake.


Seeking the Secret of Evolution for himself, he betrayed his mentor Mahabala (Maya and Meena's father) and in turn became the fierce monster Baalzack. Balzack became the Marquis Regent, after selling his soul to the demon king.

Marquis de Leon

He has the head of a lion and eight arms. In Chapter 5 it is explained that he is the son of the previous king that was given an imperfect Secret of Evolution, one that allowed him to transform into a powerful monster.

[edit] Version Differences

The first two remakes improved on minor things (mainly graphics), though the latest remake for the Nintendo DS improved several more features:

  • An artificial intelligence system called "Tactics" was implemented that allowed the player to provide strategies to the party members while still controlling the Hero. The "Tactics" feature is similar to the "Command" feature found in both of the Dragon Warrior Monsters titles, and allows the player to order the rest of the party members to either act offensively or cautiously.
  • The Wagon allows the player to choose which units to send into battle when monsters are encountered on the world map.
  • The Casino now functions as an exchange for Monster Tokens (first introduced in Dragon Warrior III).
  • Tiny Medals can be found and traded for items and weapons.
  • The player can save by either talking to the king, or by visiting a House of Healing.
  • A new command was added to the menu that allows the player to open a locked door without having to select a Key item.
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