Coup de Grace

A Coup de Grace is a special ability unique to each Vocation. They are randomly awarded to characters during battle, although certain conditions help them to appear more often. A Coup de Grace seems to occur 75% of the time if the character has been inflicted with a critical hit.

Coup de Graces have widely varying effects dependant upon the given character's current Vocation. Following is a list of the Coup de Graces and their effects, and which Vocation each one correlates to.

  • Priest - Choir of Angels: Heals all allies for about 2/3 of their full health and relieves all unfortunate effects.
  • Warrior - Critical Claim: Always lands a Critical Hit on the enemy.
  • Thief - Itemized Kill: A monster this is used on will always drop an item.
  • Mage - 0 Zone: Reduces the amount of MP used when casting Spells to 0.
  • Martial Artist - Roaring Tirade: Frightens all enemies and raises tension one level.
  • Minstrel - Rough'n'Tumble: Increases the chance to evade and counter enemy attacks.
  • Ranger - Brownie Boost: Increases Attack, Defenece, and resistance to Breath attacks.
  • Paladin - Knight Watch: Enrages all enemies and makes the user invinceable.
  • Armamentalist - Voice of Experience: Increases the experience gained from the battle.
  • Gladiator - Tension Boost: Increases tension to 50-100.
  • Sage - Spelly Breath: Restores MP.
  • Luminary - Disco Tech: Infatuates the enemy and increases tension.

[edit] Coop de Grace

A Coop de Grace is akin to a combo attack and is only available if two or more party members has a Coup de Grace ready for use. Keep in mind that Coop de Graces are the same for two different classes, so there will be two different vocations beside each Coop de Grace.

  • Electro Light - Minstrel and Luminary - Turns all enemies into metal monsters.
  • Cast Away - Mage and Sage - Lowers MP cost to 0 for all abilities that use MP.
  • Haulellujah - Armamentalist and Thief - Gives you a chance to earn items, gold, and extra experience.
  • Quadraslash - Warrior and Ranger - Combines the party's strength into one attack.
  • Soul Asylum - Paladin and Priest - Makes the entire party invinceable to any attacks.

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