Corvus was once one of the Celestrians, magical beings who served the mighty Yggdrasil and watched over the mortals of the Protectorate. He was the guardian of Wormwood Creek, and strong master of Aquila. Greatly respected by the other Celestrians, he was almost as powerful as Apus Major.

But it all changed. While watching over Wormwood Creek, the mighty dark dragon Barbarus knocked Corvus out of the sky, acting out the orders of King Godwyn - ruler of the fiendish Gittish Empire - and sent the Celestrian guardian plummeting down to the ground.

Corvus lying after his fall

He was found lying, badly wounded outside the village by a young girl, named Serena, and her father. Together they cared for him, and brought him back to full health. Immediately after Corvus awoke, he fell deeply in love with Serena, but it would not last long...

Gittish troops come looking for Corvus

Shortly after his recovery, Gittish troops came to Wormwood Creek, looking for a Celestrian. Knowing what would happen if they found him, Serena took him to a small cavern outside of town where he would be kept hidden. But her father, in order to save his life, gave away Corvus' location and Corvus was captured while Serena and her father were slaughtered.

Corvus in the Oubliette

Corvus was taken to the Oubliette, under Gittingham Palace, and left to rot for over 400 years, until the Hero releases him from the chains of dark energy that held him captive. During the long period spent underground, Corvus had become corrupted with hatred and darkness. Feeling that he has been betrayed by the mortals, he knocks the Hero out and sets off to wipe them out.

His first course of action is to take over the Realm of the Almighty, and transform it into his dark domain. And so it became the Realm of the Mighty.

Corvus in his altered forme

Towards the end of the game, Corvus becomes so drunk with darkness and hatred of mortalkind that he transforms into a powerful reptilian monster and fights the Hero in the final battle of the game.

After being defeated and changing back to his original state, he is reunited with Serena's spirit, which convinces him that the mortals can be a kind and caring race, and should be spared of destruction. Convinced by her kind words, Corvus flies off with her to the heavenly realm.

List Entry
Brought the broken Gittish Empire back from beyond to help him wreak vengeance on the mortals and gods he so despised.

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