[edit] Overview

In Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies , churches are in every city and town in the game. Churches are a very useful place and will unavoidably be a much-visited location in the Hero's adventure. Six different individual services are provided at churches and are available simply by talking to the preacher/nun (or in Dourbridge, a thief posing as a preacher).

[edit] Features

  • Confession (Save) - The title says all that needs to be said. First, the player is asked to record his/her adventure in the adventure log. Regardless of whether or not they choose to record the log, he/she will next be asked if they wish to continue playing.
  • Divination - Divination shows the exact amount of experience needed for a character to climb to the next level. The ability Divination can also be learned by a member of the Priest Vocation by investing skill points in the Faith skill set.
  • Resurrection - Resurrection revives a slain character for a small fee based on that character's level. In Spells, Resurrection is called Zing and Kazing. You can see which vocations learn these spells on the Vocation page.
  • Purification - Purification removes poison from a character that has been poisoned. Certain Vocations learn the Spell Squelch, which also cures poison.
  • Benediction - Benediction removes all Cursed Items that a character has equipped. This will require a small fee as well, but can be avoided if one learns Benediction from the Priest's skill tree.
  • Nothing - Choose this option to exit the selection menu. Can also be replaced by pressing the B button.
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