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Celestrians are other worldly beings that live above the Protectorate in the floating citadel known as the Observatory. The duty of a Celestrian is to protect the human settlement to which they are assigned. It is possible for a town or city can have more than one Celestrian assigned to it. Humans are unable to see Celestrians, but other creatures such as canines have the ability to notice their presence, though the extent of their awareness is unknown.

Other than protecting their assigned location in the Protectorate, another duty of a Celestrian is to help Earth-bound Spirits move on from the word. This is usually achieved by assisting them to complete the unfinished business that leaves them tied to this realm of existence, but has been known to happen simply by talking to them.

When a Celestrian helps out a human (be they living or deceased), the grateful mortal thanks their Celestrian guardian and unknowingly gives out Benevolessence. The collection of Benevolessence is a central goal of the game (particularly early on), as the Celestrians require the crystallized benevolence to offer up to the Yggdrasil Tree in the hopes that it will one day bear fruit known as fyggs, and deliver the faithful servants of the Almighty's Realm.

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