Celestria is the daughter of Zenus (AKA The Almighty) and the creator of the angelic race of Celestrians.

It is revealed during the course of the main storyline that Celestria, in order to protect mankind from the wrath of her father, willing transformed herself into the Yggdrasil Tree - the world tree which the Celestrians hold in great veneration. Tasking her race of Celestrians with the job of inspiring gratitude and in turn Benevolessence from the humans of the Protectorate, she must remain in her altered state until enough proof of mankind's good is provided.

Celestria presents the Hero with one last Fygg at the end of the story, granting them the ability to return to their mortal form. Outside of the main story, Celestria also provides a means for the Hero to return to the final dungeon of the game the( Realm of the Almighty) if desired.

Stella, one of the Hero's companions, turns out to be Celestria's sister.

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