[edit] Overview

The casinos found in DQVIII are a fun, simple way to take a break from adventuring and spend some of your hard-earned gold - but fun aside, casinos also provide useful items as rewards, making gambling even more worth the time.

There are two casinos in the game; one in Baccarat, and a smaller one found in Pickham.

[edit] Pickham Casino

The first casino found throughout the DQVIII adventure. It is quite tiny compared to the huge one found in Baccarat, however, it still provides the same level of excitement.

Two different types of games can be played here; Roulette and Slots.

[edit] Roulette

Roulette is undoubtedly for those who like taking larger risks. Investing many tokens in this game can give you some great rewards if your luck is fair. The odds of winning are lower than the other games found in the casinos, but roulette pays out more than most others.

[edit] Slots

The slot machines are the most popular of games out there. The casino slots are simple, fun, and don't cost much (depending on which slot tokens you choose). There are three types of slots - the 100 token slots, the 500 token slots, and the big spender slot using 1,000 tokens (only found in the Baccarat casino). The odds of winning in the slots are relatively good in both casinos.

[edit] Prizes

The casino also features some prizes you might find helpful during your Quest. Following is a list of possible prizes you can obtain in the Pickham casino:

  • Magic Water 100 tokens
  • Agility Ring 180 tokens
  • Silver Platter 500 tokens
  • Titan Belt 1,500 tokens
  • Rune Staf 3,000 tokens
  • Platinum Headgear 5,000 tokens

[edit] Baccarat Casino

This large casino is encountered much later in the game than the first, though it can be argued that the rewards are well worth the wait.

On top of the two games found in Pickham (Roulette and Slots), this casino introduces Bingo to the scene.

[edit] Bingo

Bingo provides a middle ground for gamblers, sitting between the easy Slots and challenging Roulette. The game can take quite a while to get the hang of and can be difficult to play successfuly. The odds are average and pay off slightly less than the Slots, but just like any other game, it all depends on your luck.

[edit] Prizes

With a new casino comes a new set of prizes to be won. The list is as follows:

  • Prayer Ring 1,000 tokens
  • Spangeld Dress 3,000 tokens
  • Saint Ashes 5,000 tokens
  • Falcon Blade 10,000 tokens
  • Liquid Metal Armour 50,000 tokens
  • Grigham Whip 200,000 tokens

Good luck!

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