Barbarus is the darkest dragon of Dragon Quest IX. He is related to Greygnarl, the hero of the heavens and defeats him in a battle in upover. the hero later defeats him. Corvus bought back Barbarus from beyond the grave and the rest of the gittish empire. they used captive Celestrian power to make him stronger.

After collecting fyggs,you first see Barbarus being ridden by Hootingham-Gore with Aquila (the Celestial undercover snooper to get back Corvus) along side.

Later you meet him in Upover in a battle of Dragons and in Gortress.

In the Realm of the Mighty you finish of Barbarus with a defeat from the hero.

Barbarus had always wanted to defeat Greygnarl, his brother, after being brought back to life by a hate-ridden jailed up Corvus.

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