Angel Falls

The hero glides down to Angel Falls

Angel Falls is the starting location in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies and is located in the far west corner of the world map. The Hero begins as the Celestrian guardian of Angel Falls, taking Aquila's place and passing their apprenticeship.

Angel Falls is a quiet town, famed for the clean air and the healing properties of the clear water that comes from the river. A rare medicine know as 'Angel's Tears' can be created by mixing Fresh Water with water from the waterfall.

[edit] Locations

Angel Falls only consists of a few houses:

  • The Inn - Where the Hero can rest up and regain health. It is a tiny establishemtn run by the humble Erinn for a small portion of the game.
  • The Mayor's House - The home of Mayor Litlun and his son Ivor.
  • The Stable - Where the farmer and his horse(s) live.
  • The Church - Where the player can save their game, perform a Divination, lift curses, cure poison or resurrect their allies.
  • Erinn's house - Where the girl lives with her grandfather.
  • The Shop - Limited in stock but still helpful from the outset.
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