Alltrades Abbey

Alltrades Abbey at night

Situated on the northern section of Newid Isle is Alltrades Abbey, an often-visited location during the Hero's adventures on the Protectorate. It contains an Inn for resting, a Priest to offer the Church's usual services, and a wandering tradesman has stopped in for a drink at the pub downstairs, selling his goods (listed below).

Alltrades Abbey is home to Jack of Alltrades, the only man alive who knows how to alter a person's Vocation (or 'Class').

The Hero arrives at the Abbey for the first time to discover that - much to the open irritation of many travellers - Abbot Jack has gone missing. Speaking with several people around the Abbey reveals that the Abbot disappeared after having ingested a mysterious golden fruit, which the player can easily identify as one of Yggdrasil's Fyggs. An important-looking man suggests that since the fruit is bound to contain strange properties, perhaps after eating the fruit Jack was feeling powerful enough to finally satisfy his curiosity regarding the abandoned and monster-ridden Tower of Trades.

Sure enough, several flights of stairs later, Abbot Jack is found atop the Tower, though behaving very strangely. His intentions have taken a turn towards malicious and he undergoes a transformation, becoming the Master of Nu'un and attacking the Hero.

[edit] Shop Wares

Medicinal herb 8G
Antidotal herb 10G
Chimaera wing 25G

Iron broadsword 1000G
Long spear 1400G
Poison moth knife 1250G
Staff of sentencing 1600G
Battle whip 960G
Oaken pole 780G
Razor claws 1750G
War fan 920G

Iron shield 900G
Iron helmet 1100G
Iron armour 1200G
White t-shirt 520G
Robe of serenity 960G
Iron kneecaps 640G
Springtime skirt 440G

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