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Welcome to the Dragon Quest NeoWiki!
Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie Dragon Quest VIII Dragon Quest IX

Dragon Quest NeoWiki

Welcome to the Dragon Quest NeoWiki!

Welcome to the Dragon Quest NeoWiki! This wiki is open for all Neoseeker members to contribute to.

Alternate URL: You can now reach this wiki using the dragonquestwiki.com domain.

We need your help migrating all the information from the Neoseeker Dragon Quest portal to the new Dragon Quest Wiki! The Dragon Quest Wiki is replacing the former Portal as the community created knowledge base of all things Dragon Quest, so please help if you can, and PM tekmosis if you are interested in helping out a lot so that we can get you involved with the key members helping with this project.

How you can Help and What We Need

  • Help convert pages from the NeoPortal to the NeoWiki
  • Check out Short Pages and fill them up with more info to flesh them out and make them more complete!
  • Help start pages from the Wanted Pages list, which lists a bunch of pages linked within the Wiki but that have not been created yet.
  • Check out Long Pages for some examples of in depth pages.
  • Help organize pages, and upload plenty of images!
  • Start creating Guide and Walkthrough like pages!
  • Write original content in your own words - do NOT copy and paste from other sources (but it is ok to source from other locations as long as you write using your own words, just like a research paper or Wikipedia article. References are fine)

What kind of content we need

We need ORIGINAL content that covers:

  • Super in depth information about the games, the characters, locales, missions, weapons, bloopers, tricks, and tips
  • Detailed maps, images, and other media
  • Thorough and well documented walkthroughs for whole missions or specific goals - use plenty of images!

Some examples of nicely made, pages (which are still works in progress are the San Andreas and Vice City pages in the GTA Wiki.

NOTE that characters should be covered INDEPTH. Don't just try to shoot for a simple summary of who that character is. We want to create a comprehensive amount of information. Even minor characters have story backgrounds and are involved in various aspects of the game. Bring up their history, their involvement, what missions you will see them, who voices their character, any artists that worked on the character, concept art, in game shots, cut-scene shots, and anything you can think of including trivia and other interesting tidbits.


Dragon Warrior I & II

Dragon Warrior III

Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen

Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie

Dragon Warrior VII

Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest IX: Protectors of the Sky

Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors

Dragon Warrior Monsters

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey

Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure

Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart

Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker

DragonQuest Wiki Statistics

As of December 10 2018, this NeoWiki currently has 163 articles and 102 images. Help us make this NeoWiki even better by looking at our Wanted pages!

Dragon Quest News on GameGrep

You can submit your own Dragon Quest news to GameGrep using your Neoseeker account and it will be automatically picked up by the Wiki and shown above (as well as being listed on Neoseeker)!.

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Dragon Quest IX box shot
Dragon Quest IX Front Cover

Unlike other Dragon Quest games, Dragon Quest IX: Defenders of the Starry Sky allows players to create the main protagonist. The story begins high above the world, in an angelic paradise known as the Kingdom of Angels. The Hero is one of the angels who inhabit the kingdom. As an angel, the Hero's goal is... Read more: Dragon_Quest_IX

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