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Krak Pot, the Alchemy pot

[edit] Overview

After solving the situation surrouding the Wight Knight and Princess Simona in Stornway quite early on in the game, returning to the Quester's Rest Inn and speaking with Erinn yields access to a strange, talking, cooking pot-like device known simply as Krak Pot. After receiving the Alchenomicon (a book for storing Alchemical recipes in) and a brief explanation of Krak Pot's capabilites, the player is able to combine ingredients in order to create items in a process known as Alchemy.

When performing Alchemy, the player has two options as to how to proceed - either by throwing ingredients together in blind experimentation and hoping for the best, or by following a recipe. Recipes are not difficult to gather and require nothing more than dedicated exploration to do so, as they can be found in the many bookcases around the world.

[edit] Alchemy Recipes

Items Strong Medicine Medicinal Herb x2

Special Medicine Strong Medicine x2

Superior Medicine Medicinal Herb x2 Strong Medicine x1

Strong Antidote Antidotal Herb x4 Medicinal Herb x2

Special Antidote Strong Antidote x2

Softwort Strong Medicine x1 Moonwort bulb x1 Form to be edited so easier to read

[edit] Recipe Location List

To be added.

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