Ragin' Contagion

The Ragin' Contagion

"Are you no-good, nose-pokin' buckaroos here to try and cram me back in that teeny-tiny little ol' pot?" - Ragin' Contagion

The Ragin' Contagion can be described as the personification of an evil disease-manifesting curse, beset upon the town of Coffinwell.

The Hero comes across the Ragin' Contagion while escorting Dr. Phlegming into the Quarantomb ruins. Phlegming plans to find a cure for the disease but instead discovers that the Contagion need merely be re-sealed away in a special containment jar. The jar is found broken, clearly how the disease escaped in the first place, and as the good Doctor attempts to fit the pieces back together, the Ragin' Contagion appears and attacks.

Upon the foul Contagion's successful defeat, the disease disappears from Coffinwell. Though sadly, it is too little, too late for Catarrhina.

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The very essence of illness, it was sealed up in the Quarantomb for a century, but came back to curse Coffinwell once more.

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