Dragon Quest IX This specialist Vocation only becomes available for use after completing the appropriate quest; Quest #106 - Taking Soul Control.

The Paladin is by far the toughest Vocation out there. They have the highest Resilience coupled with reasonable attack. Paladins are designed to be completely focused on one thing - their allies' protection.

Paladins gain abilities such as H-pathy and M-pathy, which donate HP and MP to their allies respectively. They also have a Coup de Grace called Knight Watch, which angers every monster in the battle and makes the user invulnerable to all attacks. Any party with a Paladin will fight until the bitter end.

[edit] Attributes

Attribute Value
Strength 21
Agility 4
Resilience 22
Deftness 1
Charm 7
Magical Mending 10
Magical Might 0
Max. HP 36
Max. MP 11

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