Palace of the Almighty

The Palace of the almighty is The almighty's home. the Hero goes there after obtaining the fyggs from Apus Major, and finds him missing. Zenus was attacked by corvus and the gittish empire and during corvus's reign, he transformed it into an evil castle that looks very much like a tree. he perched the palace of the almighty on the top of the tree. it takes aproxamately on first attempt of climbing it 21 minuites, due to the fact that Corvus managed to revive Goreham-hogg, Hootingham-gore and Goresby-Purrvis. But, after the final battle Celestria manages to revive the Palace to its normal state. The palace of the almighty used to be the home of Celestria until she transformed into the world tree that stands tall on the top of the Observatory.

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