Jona Jones

Jona praying to Lleviathan for another load of fish, the villagers egging her on in the background

Jona Jones is the timid daughter of Dylan Jones, a once revered fisherman of the fishing communtiy in Porth Llaffan.

Dylan was killed in a storm caused by the attack on the Observatory, however, unbeknownst to the villagers and even to Jona herself, Dylan ate a golden Fygg which fell before him and transformed into Lleviathan, a giant whale-like beast which gives Jona fish every morning in an attempt to continue supporting his child despite his changed form.

Jona feels it to be wrong that the people of the small fishing town have become completely dependant upon Lleviathan providing them with the fish required for their livelihood, rather than working to catch them themselves. In an act of conscience, Jona pleads with the greedy Mayor Bryce to stop making her ask for fish. The mayor eventually agrees but only on the condition that Jona will instead ask Lleviathan for treasures from the ocean floor instead of fish.

Then, in a rage against the mayor, Lleviathan attacks Bryce at Cuddiedig Cliff and swallows Jona in one gulp. The Hero does what they do best and intervenes, defeating the beast. Upon defeat, Lleviathan reveals his identity to Jona. She tells him to stop giving fish, so he agrees. After everything is said and done, Dylan finally feels that his soul can rest and he moves on. Rewarding their efforst, the Hero gains the Fygg Dylan ate.

[edit] Trivia

The story of Jona Jones and Lleviathan is a clear reference to the Biblical parable of Jonah and the whale.

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