[edit] Overview

A Grotto is a dungeon that is revealed and accessible after sucessfully finding the correct location on a Treasure Map. Each Grotto has you navigating through a number of monster-ridden floors, and then defeating a Boss monster at the end for loot and experience.

[edit] Grotto Attributes

Every Grotto has a unique level, name, type and number of floors. There are four types of Grotto:

  • Cave (most common)
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Water

The level, boss and number of floors in the Grotto depend solely on what level Grottoes the player has completed in the past, the level of the party and how many times the player has revocated. The level range is 1-99.

The name of the Grotto is random, but is normally an indicator of what type of Grotto it is.

[edit] The Grotto Bosses

Each Grotto has a boss. The bosses variate in difficulty depending on which Grotto it is. The bosses (in order of difficulty) are as follows:

The bosses have no particular order of appearance.

[edit] Legacy Bosses

There are some special maps which can be obtained only through events. These maps lead to a Grotto which contains a Legacy Boss - an incredibly difficult boss from a past Dragon Quest game.

The first of these maps can be obtained in the quest Brian's Dyin' Wish, found in the cave on the small island at Northen Cringle Coast.

List of Legacy Bosses:

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