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An unbelievable amount of people who play Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies have no clue whatsoever about what a grotto is. This wiki page is here entirely for your own information, in which multiple Neoseeker Dragon Quest player will share their knowledge on the topic. Feel free to edit this page to share what information you have, or to simply come here for help. All contributions are greatly appreciated.

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A Brief Explanation of Grottoes

What is a Grotto?

A grotto (plural: grottoes) is the place that is found after sucessfully finding the correct location on a treasure map. Upon finding the correct location of the grotto, marked with a X on the treasure map you will see an exclamation mark appear over the hero's head. Pressing the A button on your Nintendo DS will reveal the grotto, in the form of a cave. Pressing A again will enter the grotto. Each grotto has you navigating through a number of monster-ridden floors, and then defeating a Boss monster at the end.

Grotto Attributes

Every grotto has a unique level, name and number of floors. There are four types of grotto:

  • Cave (most common)
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Water

The level of the grotto depends solely on what level grottoes you've completed in the past, what level you are currently and how many times you've revocated. The level range is 1-99.

The boss and number of floors in each grotto also depend on all the above reasons.

The name of the grotto is random, but is normally an indicator of what type of grotto it is. later on I will upload the differnet names if I have time.

The Grotto Bosses

Each grotto has a boss. The bosses variate in difficulty dependsing on what grotto it is. The bosses (in order of difficulty) are as follows:

The bosses have no particular order of appearance.

Legacy Bosses

There are some special maps that can be foundrough events. These maps lead to a Legacy Boss grotto. Inside that grotto is a Legacy Boss, a super hard old Dragon Quest boss. See the wiki page for more details. The first map can be obtained in the quest Brian's Dyin' Wish, found in the cave on the small island at Northen Cringle Coast.

So Where Can I Find These Grottoes?

The first grotto you recieve is in the Quest 'Cristopher Collapsus'. The quest can be obtained from the top of the Heights of Loneliness. The reward for the quest is the Granite Tunnel of Woe Level 1 Map, which has three floors and Equinox as the boss. After this has got you started with the treasure maps, completing it will result in you getting another treasure map, and completing that will get you another treasure map and so on.

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