Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride

Dragon Quest V box shot
Dragon Quest V Front Cover
PublisherSquare Enix
CreatorYuji Horii
Character ArtAkira Toriyama
US ReleaseFebruary 17, 2009
Japan ReleaseJuly 17, 2008
European ReleaseFebruary 20, 2009



When the Hero was a child, he traveled around the world with is father, Pankraz, and his pet Sabrecat. On a mission to rescue Prince Harry of Coburg, the Hero and Pankraz find themselves battling two formidable monsters. The pair succeeds in defeating the foes, only to be graced by a third and more powerful monster who threatens the Hero's life. Pankraz surrenders to protect his son, and is killed by the monster. The two boys are sold into slavery, and are forced to work on a giant temple. Ten years later, the two somehow manage to escape after getting into a scuffle with the guards and set out on their way back to the Kingdom of Coburg.


Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride follows a linear story, through three different phases of the Hero's life: the game starts when the Hero is a small child; continues ten years later when he has matured; and finishes with him battling alongside his family and the "Legendary Hero".

The game uses the same basic console role-playing game mechanics as the rest of the series. Throughout your adventure your characters will level up by gaining experience points from winning battles against monsters, and in turn will grow stronger. Dragon Quest V was the first game to allow the player to tame wild monsters. Once tame, monsters can be valuable assets in battle, healing your party members and attacking foes. In the original version of Dragon Quest V, for the SNES, 40 different monsters could be captured and outfitted for battle -- capping off at random levels. In Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride that number jumps to 71, meaning nearly twice as many monsters to capture and tame.

Dragon Quest V was also the first game in the series to allow the Hero to take a bride. Unlike in the SNES version of the game where there were only two potential brides, Hand of the Heavenly Bride allows the player to choose between three different female characters -- each of which alter the way the story unfolds.


Main Characters

The main characters in Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.

The Hero

Pankraz Gotha

Nera Briscoletti

Debora Briscoletti

Bianca Whitaker

Other Party Members

Characters and monsters that accompany the Hero at one time or another throughout his adventure.

Great Sabrecat

Prince Harry




The Boy

The Girl


Characters that don't join the Hero's party, but still play an important role in his adventure.



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