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Baramos is the boss of the Mastermind Gate, and he's ready to put Terry in his place for challenging him. Baramos has low resistance to magical attacks, so attacks like Big Bang and Scorching really lay into him hard. Ironically, he will attack you primarily with magic spells; including the powerful HellBlast attack. He will also cast Explodet on your entire party, so bringing along a monster who can cast HealUsAll every few turns would be a good decision. Baramos is one of the weaker demon lords, and only a few thousand HP. As long as you don't allow him to hit you with too many spells that damage your entire party in succession he'll fall in no time.

After the battle, Baramos will mutter something about being dead for good (apparently eating this guts of another monster prevents you from being revived).

Dark Dream


Deathmore 2

Deathmore 3


Dracolord considers himself the "King of Kings", and belittles everyone else. Before the battle, he will offer you the option of becoming his pal, in exchange for half of the world. No matter your answer, you will have to fight him sooner or later, so make your decision and let the battle commence! Dracolord likes to cast BeDragon, which turns him into an unnamed Dragon monster. This form is no pushover, as it packs a myriad of breath attacks that hit all of your monsters at once. Watch out for his Snowstorm and Scorching attacks. It would be wise to bring along a couple of monsters who resist breath-based attacks, that or a couple of monsters armed with HealAll. Dracolord also has the spell DeMAgic at his disposal, so watch your healers as they won't be able to cast any sort of healing magic if they become silenced! When Dracolord decides to transform back into his "human" form, you should be ready to combat him with physical attacks. If Dracolord becomes badly injured he may toss out a Meditate or two, which heals him 500 or so HP. Eventually he'll transform back into a Dragon and you can continue to hammer away with breath-based attacks of your own.

Dracolord 2





Mirudraas 2




The demon lord behind the Gate of Control. Before the battle with Zoma, he will make a lusty speech about sacrifice, and how it's mandatory for the world to keep turning. Zoma has the ability to hit the player's party twice each round! That's a lot of damage! In addition to the powerful physical attacks Zoma will throw at your party, he's also got an arsenal of powerful magic spells to throw around. Big Bang should be your primary concern, it does massive amounts of damage to any monster in your party who doesn't have much magical resistance. Zoma also has a breath-based attack - WhiteAir - which will take a hefty chunk of HP out any monster who doesn't resist air-based attacks. Last but not least, Zoma has the powerful DeMagic spell at his disposal. The spell will strip your party of any magical enhancements used prior to him casting it.

After Zoma is defeated, he will warn Terry that an even more powerful opponent will confront you.

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