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==Mildark 2==
==Mirudraas 2==

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Dark Dream


Deathmore 2

Deathmore 3


Dracolord 2





Mirudraas 2




The demon lord behind the Gate of Control. Before the battle with Zoma, he will make a lusty speech about sacrifice, and how it's mandatory for the world to keep turning. Zoma has the ability to hit the player's party twice each round! That's a lot of damage! In addition to the powerful physical attacks Zoma will throw at your party, he's also got an arsenal of powerful magic spells to throw around. Big Bang should be your primary concern, it does massive amounts of damage to any monster in your party who doesn't have much magical resistance. Zoma also has a breath-based attack - WhiteAir - which will take a hefty chunk of HP out any monster who doesn't resist air-based attacks. Last but not least, Zoma has the powerful DeMagic spell at his disposal. The spell will strip your party of any magical enhancements used prior to him casting it.

After Zoma is defeated, he will warn Terry that an even more powerful opponent will confront you.

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