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Baramos is the boss of the Mastermind Gate, and he's ready to put Terry in his place for challenging him. Baramos has low resistance to magical attacks, so attacks like Big Bang and Scorching really lay into him hard. Ironically, he will attack you primarily with magic spells; including the powerful HellBlast attack. He will also cast Explodet on your entire party, so bringing along a monster who can cast HealUsAll every few turns would be a good decision. Baramos is one of the weaker demon lords, and only a few thousand HP. As long as you don't allow him to hit you with too many spells that damage your entire party in succession he'll fall in no time.
After the battle, Baramos will mutter something about being dead for good (apparently eating this guts of another monster prevents you from being revived).
==Dark Dream==
==Dark Dream==

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